Taurus Man in Love

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How to Understanding Taurus Man

As women,we all hope to have a good partner who can share with us from happy moments to sad times. We dream of a man who look at the same direction as we do. Life is neither short nor long. In the daytime, we must face up to many hard issues making us tired. We need somebody strong enough to protect us, somebody loyal enough not to hurt our heart, someone sensitive enough to understand our inner thoughts, and someone reliable enough to walk with us during our short life.

Is A Taurean Man The One You Are Looking For?

People born between 21 April and 21 May belong to Taurus, the second astrological sign of the zodiac. This sign is ruled by Venus and the bull represents it. In this article, we are going to have a close look at a Taurean male when he’s in love in order to see the differences between Taurean men and those of other signs in term of love field.

Some of Taurus’s features are reliable, sensitive, gentle, faithful, generous, determined stubborn, and possessive. It’s quite easy to recognize a Taurean man because this man has a strong build, pleasing face, and sensual lips with soft-spoken voice.

Taurus Men in Love

Especially, once a Taurus falls for a woman, he may become the most loyal lover among other signs. A Taurus is a caring, gentle and romantic partner. He belongs to the type ‘actions speak louder than words.’ He says less but does more.

Furthermore, if he shows romance, he will give you the best of romance on the ground of reality. There is a great balance between realities and romance in his lifestyle. He is grounded in the material realities of life like the nature of Earth element. As a result, to be a partner of a Taurus is indeed lucky. He ensures a life filled with passionate love and wealth.

It takes such a long time to understand a Taurean male due to his stubbornness and obstinacy. The nature of the bull itself tells us quite much about Taurus’s characteristics. Normally, he’s calm and soft like a bull is grazing on fresh grass, but he will turn into a fearsome creature if he gets angry. Therefore, it’s safe if other people don’t interfere much into his peace.

In addition, in love field he has a tendency to possess his lady. At first, maybe it’s uncomfortable for his partner to accept his possessive attitude. However, a strong desire for possessiveness comes from a sincere love. Whenever he makes up his mind, it’s hard for him to change. Taurean men are faithful and dedicated to their ladies. They like holding their life partner till the end of the life path. That’s also a reason why they want their partner to do the same.

Taurus Sign

Taurean men are believed to match with Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini and Pisces. In sex life, they master how to make love both emotionally and physically so as to keep their partner happy. They see through a woman’s needs and how to make their partner satisfied.

In short, it’s lucky for most of women to have a Taurean man side by side. They maintain the long-lasting love fire with their truthful heart, stability, protection and wealth. Even when a Taurean male has a possessive attitude towards his partner, it all starts from his faithful love.

After reading our article Taurus Man In Love, if you have any questions or anything to tell us, please let us know by filling the box below. We’re looking forward to your responses.

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12 thoughts on “Taurus Man in Love

  1. I was just wondering I’m a leo and I met a Taurus man I’m willing to do what it takes to make it work is that enough with our signs being so strong and different at the same time?? Regardless I need him in my life

    • In understand you! Oh well you just need to make compromises or else it will get fiery. I think the most important thing is to have patience (they are hard to understand) , to be less stubborn than you normally are, to think about his feelings. Even though they don’t show it they get affected even more than others. They tell you frankly when something bothers them but don’t show when they are upset. When a question starts with “Why didn’t you” or a sentence “if you do it again then…” then something bothered them and you need to pay attention to their feelings :). They like peace and Lions tend to be more flamboyant and adventurous (though it’s not really true for me, a Taurus man managed to calm me down and have patience). So it depends if you want him….just relax and have patience. They can get you on your nerves and when you think everything ended…they come back 10 times (if you apologize and admit your mistakes of course)

      I know because after 3 years of chatting with a Taurus friend , we used to live in the same town but now he studies in France, he still calls me to meet and he invited me to visit him (after 3 freaking years).

      Oh i forgot…you need time, patience and confidence. Lions are very stubborn…I never gave up on him although we lost communication for a long time…I am still connected to him because it’s like he imprinted on me…(or vice-versa? i don’t know).

      Don’t let go, calm down (we can loose it sometimes) and try to understand him. :)

  2. I’ve know a Taurus guy for 13 years. We’ve been good friends all this time and I’ve considered dating him but it never happened. Possibly because neither of us wanted to ruin what we had. Both of us are going through downs in our relationships and it has brought is closer. I have feelings for him because I know him and I admire alot of things about him. I want and need him in my life. How do I get him? He’s so picky, although I know he’s definitely likes me and always have. Help??

    • If you know he likes you then he has something in his way and can’t make up his mind? I’ve also known one for 10 years and he told me that he cares for me when I told him I would move in with my ex-boyfriend. But we still aren’t together and he lives in France. I didn’t get it when he told me to go study in France (indirect way of telling me he wants me close). If you notice he is possessive and protective then he really likes you. Ask him what’s on his mind…maybe he doesn’t like some part of you and he is confused. I wouldn’t try “Go out with me!” line…I also admire my friend a lot because he left in a foreign country by himself to be more independent. I also want to be with him but he told me he likes independence. Despite that he likes me. I guess he has something on his mind and you should try find out what it is. :)

  3. And now for my question…:)

    When we were going out and were sitting on a bench he would turn a lock of my hair between his fingers and he told me he did that to his sisters when he was little. He cares and he is protective of his sister. Since he kissed and hugged me I don’t think he sees me like a sister. but I wonder if he does it intentionally or without even realizing it. Maybe he feels comfortable? He said that he likes me because I accept his childish moods. And he also brings out my inner child in a good way.

    This happened 3 years ago and then I ddidn’t know he is a Taurus. I kept thinking he doesn’t have feelings for me and I was cool about it just accepted what I had. Bringing back my memories…I think he likes me more than I he told me, but he is independent and lives in France. Maybe he doesn’t know what to do? Or expects me to come to France (he invited me to visit …and that’s confusing…I don’t really get what he wants from me). Should I try asking him if he wants me to move to France?

  4. I’ve been dating a taurus man for 3 months. (I’m a gemini, who ended a 3 year serious relationship with a scorpio.) so, my taurus guy has never been in a serious relationship (he’s 29). He’s a very sweet guy, but not the most romantic. He doesn’t hold my hand, he doesn’t tell me he misses me, and he refused to get a candle for the bedroom. But he’s already introduced me to his close friends and family as his girlfriend. Does it take a bit longer for the romance to kick in? Or am I missing something?

  5. This taurus guy likes me, and he pursued me….the bull he is chased after me like I was some kinda prize. During the chase he didn’t budge at all, once his friends came up and asked me if I like him or not and I replied “i hate him” cuz before falling for me he used to harmlessly annoy me. Then he ignored me for 3 days and came right back, he gets mad if I’m with a guy friend. Hes protective of me. He didn’t give up NO MATTER WHAT I was indifferent to the point of coming off as a bi+ ch I’ve been hurt in past so I couldn’t just trust him (im sun gemini and mercury taurus) long story short after having him flirt with me for 2 yrs I fell for him so on the 3rd yr I confessed to him he blushed and said “alright” then ignored me for 4 months then came back to me and he saw me talking to my 2 guy-friends then I see his profile picture on facebook and its his girl bestfriend….a girl </3 this was a first…he only put his picture as his profile picture but he still looks at me as if he adores me (after the confession) I still catch him staring at me but i look away its like hes looking into my soul. I see them talking in the hallways and hes at ease but with me….all jittery and nervous but he does ignore me for 2-3 days why does he do that? y not ask me out already? i confessed and it was my first EVER confession

  6. I’m a Scorpio female in a relationship with a Taurus male and he is a wonderful man. Soft spoken very gentle and when it comes to being intimate he is exceptional. This is our second round. We went together for 2 years 11 years ago. He said he was gonna ask me to marry him back then. I do believe this time we with stay together because we’re both to stubborn to let go of each other. I love him and I’m sure he loves me. Maybe he will ask me to marry him and this time I will have the chance to say “YES”!!!!!!!

  7. I met my taurus man 1yr ago this month, it has been a very difference experience I stop seeing him 4months into the relationship.then around 2/13/13, we starting communicating again.He has never taken me out on a date,but he says that he love me all the time and miss me when we not together due to his job and school. Our first date he wanted to take me out of town on a crusie for a week for my 49 birth day(.I help out a co-worker that lost there job and needed a place to stay, I told my guy, that I let this friend stay with me for two week, my guy was very upset with me I explain that it was for a while) after that i told him that I will be going out of town for the weekend to see my family and the co- worker would be moving out also..and we made plans when I return, we agreeded to see other when I get back from out of town, we text each other and I told him what time I will be returning, when I came back home I texted my guy to let him know that I was back he said okay, and i have not heard from him since.he want return any of my calls or texts. so I told him to kick rocks, and i will be moving away and changing my number in two weeks. I Love this guy so much i have been putting up with his behavior,for too long.

  8. I’ve been talking to a Taurus guy for about two years now. *smh* in a good way. I’ve never in my life met a man so amazing. We have a connection that I’ve never shared with anyone else. He makes me feel so safe :-) I absolutely adore this man. I truly feel he is/was heaven sent. I’m blessed & grateful to have met a man of his caliber. & to top it off I’m a leo…lol God, I ask that you continue to keep blessing our union & everyone else’s also. Amen…

  9. My boyfriend is a pure Taurean. He’s soft and gentle, very intimate, and quite protective. When we first starting dating, he was a little uncomfortable around my male friends, but as the time passed, he got to know that I loved him, and only him. One advice though: if you’re flirting with a Taurus by using jealously (talking to other guys) it’s really going to turn him off. I’m grateful that he asked me out before I got that madly in love to use that method.

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