1. im a taurus, and the person i love is an aries. i dont tell her yet, but its hard. everytime we are together in our circle of friends, we both feel alive. there is a chemistry going on and i feel it, and i know she feels it too. but she has an affair on someone but theyre not together, theyre just for play and it destroys me. what do you think i should do to get her interest? should i just walk away or just accept her and keep loving her untill they stop seeing each other? thats going to be a hard, painful path, but the risk i will take on that is worth it. or should i just walk away, kill my feelings and just forget everything that makes me attracted to her

    • You should go for it,if you feel she’s worth it,do it. I’m an Aries woman and I love when a Taurus man goes over and beyond to show me he cares. As Aries we naturally do that and we are surprised when people do it to us but we are also happy.

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