Taurus Man in Love with Cancer Woman

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Taurus Man and Cancer Woman in Relationship

The love between a Taurus man and Cancer woman usually is passionate and soft enough to keep this relationship last long. Though one is in the Water signs and the other is in Earth signs, the two have plenty of characteristics in common.

Since the Taurus male is remarkably patient and sensitive, so he can understand his lady’s mood swings. A Taurus man can make up what is lacked in his love mate’s needs; he will continuously provide protection, support, and understanding for his soul mate. Luckily, his woman is the one who is worth his care and love.

A Cancer woman is attractive in term of personality. There is a combination of independence and dependence in her. She could be either a good businesswoman or a experienced housewife. Because she spends quite a lot time living in a state of emotions, it is not difficult for her to understand her man. Her feminine characteristics will make the Taurus man’s stubbornness come less.

Taurus man and Cancer Woman in Love

Both of them have a strong desire for building up a warm nest. In addition to love, they crave for financial stability. In this point, a Taurus never fails. As he is materialistic, loyal, and responsible, the home is not only warm but also wealthy.
Moreover, the duo own possessive traits so they can tolerate and stick around to reassure each other. During living together, if a Taurus man keeps on understanding his woman’s moods and a Cancer woman can tolerate her man’s obduracy, nothing can do harm their relationship.

If you have any questions about Taurus Man in Love with Cancer Woman, please send us your questions. In addition, our website also has various articles on other couples in the zodiac. Read and find out information about 12 signs in love with another one.

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One thought on “Taurus Man in Love with Cancer Woman

  1. I am cancer lady and not so long I met a guy taurus. we spent very intense pure beautiful week together, but then i had to leave with promise that I will come back in 3 weeks and we can try to know eachother better, I evan bought him tree to not forget, drew him..many beautiful things we did :)
    Its been 11 days since i left and our comunnication is very bed, thru messages etc. as I am very impulsive i started to be little insecure and started to create my things in my head.While he was looking for his solutions and taking his time to realize all, i started to be offensive and said not so nice things. So all our magic seems to be ruined.Now he talks so disapointed, taking is as experience that u cannot know person really good in one week.That he cannot trust me,..he simply didnt hangle my emotional presonality. I am exhausted, I like him very much, I have never met a person i had such a strong connection with. I cannot loose this magical guy just because of some immature acting, messages, etc..But he seems to be very hard and offended now,.. how i can calm all? all its already over ?
    I am in love with this guy, i want to see him again and give us a chance to try it as we wanted. but now we are in death line. he wants to relax and shouls as wel he said :) so ?? how you taurians are?

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