Taurus Man with Capricorn Woman

An overview of Capricorn and Taurus




Dates of birth

December 22nd – January 19th

April 21st – May 20th











Negative, Fixed, Feminine

Negative, Cardinal, Feminine

Degree of Romance
Degree of Romance of Capricorn with Taurus

When falling in love, both of the two signs often express the embarrassment and sweetness even a long-lasting relationship. Therefore, the private romantic places will be the great ideas for their dates. A Taurus is a sensible guy because he always surprises his girlfriend by some lovely gifts such as a puppy or a teddy bear. A Capricorn is a capable and clever woman. In the marital life, she is satisfied with raising her kids and husband without the complaint.

By the Taurus’s sense of humor, he is able to charm any women around him easily even a Capricorn woman. However, he is a faithful person whatever a new/long-lasting love bond he is in. A Capricorn is sometimes secretive, but she can tell her true love everything. Due to her staunchness, a Taurus man always puts his trust in her whatever she does or wherever she goes. Moreover, a Capricorn woman is ambitious, so she will strive to achieve some goals in the life.

Degree of Friendship
Degree of Friendship of Capricorn with Taurus

They can become the best friends quickly because of the same hobbies or attitudes. In the work, they don’t dither over sharing their knowledge and experiences together. If there is a fight or argument, I bet that a Taurus man and a Capricorn woman still stand together.

How to charm a Capricorn woman as a Taurus man

Express some mature actions as many as possible. Don’t neglect to praise her cute outfit or stylish hair. When both of you get a date, try to pick up her on time. During the date, she will be impressed if you express yourself gallant by paying for everything.

How to charm a Taurus man as a Capricorn woman
Conclusion of Capricorn with Taurus

It is a good idea if you start the conservation by asking him about his future objectives. He is willing to tell you. If he intends to invite you for eating in a restaurant, decline cleverly. Instead of that, invite him to your home and cook him some delicious foods. It is sure that he is surprised.

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8 thoughts on “Taurus Man with Capricorn Woman

  1. Im a cappy woman met a taurian guy. He said he didnt want any relationship with any women. He felt comfy with me and so did i.but why he said that to me? Was it because he didnt like me? I really want him in my life…

  2. Just be patient with him and dot force anything. My guy took a year to really open up to me & during that year we didnt talk every week. But as long as the two of you are dedicated to being friends a relationship could blossom eventually.

  3. I am the same, cappy woman met taurus guy. Known him for 20 yrs but he has now been married and now divorced twice so even tho we have similar interests and get along really well I think he is hurting from these events (even tho he won’t admit) and doesn’t want to lose me as a friend. I have patience so want to wait and hope that we can always be friends but really wish for something more

  4. I’m a cappie who’s in love with a taurian. We’ve known each other for at least ten years; since high school. We ran different crowds and lived right around the corner from each other lol. We have finally decided to “hook up” over the summer and I have to say this is the weirdest relationship I’ve dealt with. At times, I feel as if I am dealing with myself because the similarities are so strong. He spends on me, feeds me, takes me out, gives me money and takes care of my pets, car etc yet tells me that he doesn’t want a relationship lol. He says the sweetest things, gets jealous and is a true gentleman but he doesn’t want a relationship or a girlfriend lol. I laugh because it is so typical of a Taurus to push and pull because as a capp I do the same at times. When I act the same however it’s an issue. I know he’s been hurt countless of times by past women but I love this man and I sense he does as well and as I keep reading patience is what i need to exercise but I want him all in NOW. How do I get him? lol

    • Do what i did to get mine after kicking him to the curb. If this is really where you want to be just Act like it! Do everything that you would do for his if he was your boyfriend. I mean BackRubs, Foot massages, Rub his hair, fix him food! Everything you know another woman would not do! They look for a woman who is not afraid to take care of her man and thats just what you neeed to do! Good Luck (Wink) Put your Woman Cap on!

  5. OMG! Im so glad that someone actually understands where im at. Not only beause of lisening but because you all are actually going through it too. Im a 27 yr old Cappy in love with a Taurian. We met back in 2010 in miami during the summer. We barely talked then until Dec ’10 around my birthday and i thought he was great. Eventually boredom struck me a couple months down the line because he barely talked to me about anything but loved to have me around and that was really uncomfortable, so i jetted ! Now, 2 yrs. later after continuosly thinking about him and wanting him back we reunite. After reuniting for 2 he has offically asked me to be his girlfriend, but the same problem STILL exsists. How do i get him to open up to me! We really love each other and enjoy each others company but im feeling uncomfortable again! HELP PLEASE i dont want this to not work this time!!!! What do i do?

  6. Do not pressure him . He wants you he just has a hard way if showing it. Step up and shower him with affection pull it out of him. He asked you to be his girlfriend for a reason

  7. I am a Capricorn( dont feel and look like one thou) and my bf is taurus. been having communication problem with him. he is very shy, dont dare to hold hands in public or hug nowadays. we once do that in public before, but that was before we broke up in 2013. we patch up but yet the communication problem is still there. he wont open up much to me. we dont look like we have common interests and able to talk smoothly. only in private, etc when we go for staycation then he opens up bit by bit. He messages me almost daily in the past,but now we can keep up to a week with no talking (messages) till i cant take it.. any solutions?

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