1. I know a Taurus man who is a constant source of disappointment and heartbreak due to his lies, manipulations, downright cruelty with his relentless deceit. He is a total cheater and too emotionally and morally weak to stand up and be a man with integrity. He will lie and deceive with reckless abandon, aiming only to serve his own needs, and anyone who stands in the way is simply an unfortunate victim to him. He is given to too much booze when he is overwhelmed with life and stuffs emotions like guilt, shame, regret. His life is nothing but a series of stages on which her performs for the audience he is playing to. He is sneaky and avoidant and a master of excuses. In addition to his marvelous acting skills, he also and a well developed disappearing act when he needs to escape from his tangled web of deception. He strings women along for what he can get. He has no conscience, as he cheated on the person he initially cheated with, with the first person he cheated on…of course saying they broke up…total lie. It took me a long time to wise up to this jack ass. I hope he rots in hell.

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