How To Get A Taurus Woman To Chase You (With 4 Great Tips)

How to get a Taurus woman to chase you?

Taurus is earthy and no-nonsense.

She’s impressed by real achievements, not big empty talk or name dropping. So, if you are having an eye on a lady born under the sign of the Bull and want to know tips for getting her heart, this article is totally for you.

We would like to give you advice on how to make a Taurus woman to chase you.

In order to make her fall in love, you have to initially understand her personal characteristics and behaviors.

Brief Talk about Taurus Female Traits

finding ways for a taurus woman chasing-you

How to get a Taurus woman to chase you?

This girl when in love takes her time. Rather than rushing here and there, she likes to settle in to the moment. Ruled by a fixed sign, this makes her a lover yearning for stability materially.

True to her element, the Earth, she is sensible and patient; however, at the same time, she can be placid and stubborn as her symbol is the Bull.

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Taurus woman aims for balance in life, since she’s in love with nature and desires nothing but a comfortable, peaceful, and colorful life. Basically, she likes security – risking adventures or changes can be a threat to her.

She’s clever and learns quickly, yet she ain’t interested in proving herself.

If you are looking for a partner who will become a humble, devoted mother of your children, a female Taurian is the best option.

Top 4 Tips to Attract a Taurus Woman

How to get a Taurus to chase you?

Well, getting a Taurus woman to fall in love with you is quite a challenge as this lady is not into someone easily. When it comes to the love life aspect, the Bull needs security. That’s right – more than romance or passion, she craves for both emotional and material security in a relationship.

Since she’s practical in nature, she will be more interested to know if you are well-established in your career instead of participated in romantic entanglements. If you are serious about your Taurian mate, make sure she also feels assured of your love.

Once she feels completely secure in a relationship, she can confidently commit herself in the long run.

Next, loyalty is another crucial requirement for a Taurus to be happy in a romantic partnership. She is very loyal and she expects the same level of commitment from her partner. She seeks a partner to build a life together from the ground up.

However, the tendency for loyalty can make her extremely possessive and jealous.

Below are some clever ways to win the heart of a female Taurian.

Take a look:

#1 Take it slow and steady

Be patient, since she will never allow herself to be hurried. She needs to spend a while getting comfortable with you and developing affection on you. Rather than pushing her around, take a low-key seduction approach and use your subtle powers of attraction to bring her under your spell.

#2: Prettify yourself

Make yourself appear as attractive as possible by taking extra care with your look.

#3: Do not play hard to get

Avoid making things too complex; instead, all you have to do is whetting her appetite, waiting her to take the bate, etc. Simple sensuality with lots of kisses and cuddles will please her best.

#4: Show her you are reliable and trustworthy

Do not do anything which is likely to threaten her security. She does not like too much excitement and finds it hard to deal with unexpected surprises.

In short, make sure you provide her the loyalty and security that she wants as she believes that love is for keeps. Be patient with this girl; she may take her time considering, but once she opens her heart and lets you in, she will be the ultimately perfect partner.

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Taurus Woman BEST Love Match

taurus woman and leo man compatibility

When Taurus female falls in love with Leo male, both of them will become a perfect duo because they know how to treat with kindness and consideration and vice versa.

Taurus female loves receiving cares from her beloved; meanwhile, Leo male is fond of praise. They are both loyal and possessive towards each other.

Once they have the same desires, they will have the common voice and satisfy the other’s request. The best aspect in the relationship between Taurus and Leo is admiration towards each other.

How compatible are they?

Taurus woman adores the strong and powerful characteristics of Leo man.

Although she can bring all her love, if the Leo man avails it and orders her, she will reply by leaving all in silence. Meanwhile, the Leo loves receiving praises from the others, but the Taurus woman doesn’t like that.

Besides, her passive role might threaten their relationship because the Leo’s essence is dynamic, enthusiastic. So, he easily gets angry because of her silence and composedness.

The important thing here is that they have to learn how to harmonize their differences than against them. Be flexible in order to soften their egos. For instance, when a Leo man doesn’t control of his emotion, the Taurus woman should stroke him down quickly by motivating him.

Conversely, the Leo needs to bow to the Taurus’s stubborn attitude when both are during in a fight. Although the Leo loves taking control of making decisions, he should gather Taurus’s opinions so that their relationship will improve at the best level.

Will this relationship last forever?

Taurus female and Leo male are extremely ardent in love. Although existing on conflicts and differences, they still respect each other too much and express lots of attention mutually.

Nevertheless, they have to demonstrate their carefulness a lot because their difference features (Leo’s self-importance and Taurus’s stubbornness) might create a fight of opposites. Therefore, they need to put a great deal of effort to balance this combination so that they are able to set up a long-lasting and happy relationship.

Moreover, this duo always stands by each other and aids themselves to overcome any obstacle smoothly. Owing to that, they might obtain emotional harmony and feeling unlimited love. They also inherit a profound bond of respect and benevolence which enhances their relationship with such fascination that lasts thorough their life.

No matter what the life gives any obstacle, if Taurus woman and Leo man really fall in love with each other, they will do everything to attain the harmonious feelings.

They will always side by side during their love trip.

That’s all for how to get a Taurus woman to chase you!

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