How to Hurt a Taurus Man (Guide To Upset His Feelings)

How to hurt a Taurus man in love?

Every girl needs a Taurus lover. Why? It is because they are all about loyalty, dependability, and such the marriage material. However, before dating a man born under Taurus zodiac sign, you must know his dark side. He may be sensible, down-to-earth, and practical about love, but he’s also very stubborn and possessive.

In relationships, his bad temper can sometimes destroy your feeling.

So, how can you upset him to the point he couldn’t stand but manifesting his anger?

Get the answer here!

When a Taurus Man Getting Hurt…

hurting a taurus man

The Taurus male is often emotionally hurt if you say something terrible to him. He, especially, has a tendency of taking things too personally. A Taurus man getting hurt will feel offended if someone plays with his emotions since he has a big heart.

If you look for a chance damaging his feelings, I also suggest you to tell him the ‘truth’ about himself. Help him realize that he is not really as perfect as he may think.

Astrologically, this man is famous for his stability and insecurity. Therefore, belittling him or making him feel insecure is what you can do.

In fact, he loves criticizing people. Yet, he gets upset when the roles are reserved; and that makes you annoyed. If there is anything will work, it would be ignoring him. He will feel out of place once you ignore him.

So simply pull him away until he breaks the silent treatment.

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What to Know about His Behavior?

insights of taurus male personality traits

What is the significant thing to remember when in love with the Bull?

Definitely you should not discomfort his feelings; as a matter of fact, he is super sensitive. How to know when you hurt a Taurus man?

If you say any insult using broad vocabulary and less hints of vulgarity, he would feel terribly wounded. Do not pin point exactly what you view about him or use logic, truth, and facts to attack him. Otherwise, his trust and secure for you will be over.

In love, Taurus man will disappoint if the one he invests emotions in destroys his feelings. Ruled by Venus, he is quite sensual and aim to do everything to please his partner.

Once it comes to his love life, he can afford to be more patient. He doesn’t mind putting his lover on a pedestal. Although he is not able to say “I love you,” he shows his devotion by being unexpectedly generous. He may act tough in public but will gently whisper the sweetest things in private.

When he falls in love, he will become a possessive, slightly paranoid lover.

Finding someone who is generally compatible becomes a real issue of this guy. It is not a surprise if he stays single until reaching the middle age.

Hard to change and stubborn, he just does things his way, his entire life. Even if you show him a better way, he still strongly argues his is the best. Dating a male Taurian means not to change him!

Is He THAT Possessive?

taurus man is possessive in love

Sexy, funny, and down-to-earth, the male Taurian is a truly perfect partner for women who are seeking the balance in relationship. He is dependable, patient, reliable, and sensible; at the same time, he is also gifted a great sense of sensuality as well as humor.

However, this guy, astrologically, is well known for his extreme possessiveness.

Is your Taurus man possessive, really?

Talking about possessiveness, it’s observed that men born under Taurus zodiac sign are quite possessive. Terribly, their possessiveness is often coupled with stubbornness; this makes them too difficult to deal with, especially when it comes to relationships.

If you want to win the heart of a Taurian, make sure you don’t play games titles with him by flirting with other guys. He will never like his woman to keep the contact with her ex, either in private or in public.

Although he is a peace-loving person, he tends to lean towards being the possessive type. Avoid making him jealous, since that only interferes with his faithfulness.

Nevertheless, the possessive Taurus individual makes an excellent lover, as he has a tendency to value his loved mate, over everyone and everything.

How to tell if he is possessive?

Recognizing a Taurus male’s possessive signs is not as difficult as it looks.

Though he is very good at hiding his emotions and does not open up easily, he cannot hide his jealous behaviors. If he asks you millions of questions, like “where were you?” “what were you doing?” “who were you with?” and so on, he definitely falls for you, girls.

Smells like possessiveness, huh?

It actually is – this Bull male can be possessive to the extreme if you are the woman he loves. If he snatches the chair between you and another male fellow or if he tries to monopolize conversations with you when both of you are in a chat group, take it as a safe sign that he’s interested in you.

The Taurus man in love relationships looks for a lady who is self-assured and independent yet still charming, feminine. In case he really likes you, he’ll be controlling about you as well as which can sometimes confirm troublesome.

Conversely, you will be happy to know that he does appreciate attractiveness and is incredibly romantic. He is very jealous (of course) and easily expresses his particular feelings after making up his mind.

Nonetheless, this guy takes a lot of time for making up his mind.

Pros and cons of hanging out with a Taurus man

  • On the positive side: The Taurus boyfriend is protective of you and sensitive to your needs. You don’t have to wonder if he likes you as he tends to value you over anything. He always enjoys sharing what he has with you and will go to extremes to keep you happy.
  • On the negative side: Your Bull man constantly looks for security in all aspects of his life, and this can manifest as possessiveness and jealousy in a relationship. He will become angry if his woman has a roving eye or makes any flirtatious gestures.

So, is Taurus man possessive?

Yes, he is! But he is a die-hard romantic lover. Marital life is bliss if you enter wedlock with a male Taurian. You will enjoy a steady and stable life besides a passionate, affectionate, and polite partner.

Now, have faith and confidence to make this guy fall for you!

That’s all for how to hurt a Taurus man in love!

If you have any question about men born under Taurus zodiac sign, submit all in the chat box below.


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