Is Taurus Man Interested Or Just Friendly To You (With 6 Signs To Tell)

Are you the girl who always dreams of a fairy-tale love?

If yes, then I must say – you will get one step closer to your beautiful love story if being with a Taurus man. Trust me; the man of Taurus zodiac sign is an elite creature that could become the Prince Charming of your life.

No riding horse, yet he will give you the love like no other and be willing to cherish you in any situation. Put it simply, you will “have it all” once getting involved with a Taurus in a romantic relationship.

With likeable characteristics and overly friendly vibe, the Taurus male easily likes people he encounters in life.

You find your love interest recently is very kind, nice and friendly to you. The thing is – how can you know whether or not he actually likes you in a romantic way? Is he attracted to you romantically? Worse, maybe he just sees you as a friend!

So, is Taurus man interested or just friendly?

When it comes to Taurus man, it’s quite hard to determine when he is interested in someone and when he just behaves as himself. As one of many Taurus male interesting facts, it takes you pretty much time to understand this guy. Sensible and down-to-earth, he is not the type that opens up easily.

Nevertheless, it’s worth reading his mind and figuring out signs a male Taurean in love.

How to tell if a Taurus man is concerned about me lovingly?

For those who is having a keen eye on this guy and asking this question, check out the following 6 signs that will let you know his true feelings in detail.

What are Signs a Taurus Man Likes You?

Sign #1: He can’t stop giving you compliments

taurus man will compliment you always

According to ancient Greek mythology, King Minos promised to sacrifice the Minotaur, a gorgeous creature (half bull and half man), to Poseidon in exchange for the throne. Via the associated myth, Taurus is one of zodiac signs most attracted to beauty as well as other finer things.

The Taurus guy is naturally sensual, he won’t be hesitant to tell the woman he is falling for that she looks gorgeous.

He is not the person that will go around spreading his compliments to anybody. In fact, with a keen eye for beauty, your Taurus has very high standards. His ultimate goal is to enjoy a life filled with perfection and pleasure.

Most guys often compliment you because they feel attracted to everything you’ve offered at a certain moment, but they don’t really mean what they said. On the contrary, once a Taurus man gives you a compliment, he does mean it.

Does he take time letting you know how stunning you look? Or, does he tell you how much attractive you are when doing something? If the answer is yes, whisper to yourself that he is giving you the first hint.

Sign #2: He’s shy at the beginning

Taurus man is quite shy when in love

Taurus is well-known for his strength and confidence; however, he will become shy and reserved when standing next to the woman he has affection with.

This could be the reason why it’s difficult to determine whether he is into you or not – when developing his feelings for someone, he has tendency to hold everything to himself initially. Also, if he seems like he is avoiding your eye contact, 90% that he is having a crush on you.

He will be nervous whenever seeing you around; sometimes, he evens acts awkward and a bit weird…all these small, clear indications telling he really likes you. In addition, you’ll find him keep laughing to hide away his nervousness, stumble on his words and unable to sit still.

Sign #3: He’ll build a strong friendship with you

Taurus man will build a strong friendship with you

Before becoming your love mate, the Taurus male will be your friend first.

He is definitely not the flirtatious type; actually, he seeks a faithful, honest and trustworthy partner who can be with him forever. Thus, not surprisingly, it takes him quite a very long time to approach a relationship or admit his sentiments.

In the beginning, he will invest his valuable time to get to know more about you as well as build a friendship with you.

Looking for tips making a Taurus man chase you?

Through the progress, with his investment, he does hope for a positive result in return; in this case is an in-depth romantic relationship with you in the future.

Besides, you also need to notice other subtle hints from Taurus man.

For example, when you two are closer, he’ll find reasons to touch you or frequently hang around you. Keep in mind that he is seemingly affectionate towards the woman he admires.

Sign #4: He’ll show his reliability

Taurus man gives genuine advice to your problems

If a man has developed his affections for a lady, he would want to display his reliability to let her know. Similarly, the male Taurean tends to prove that he’s reliable to someone he’s into.

In love relationships, Taurus guy will show his genuine concern for your problems. Very good at handling difficulties, he will spend time thinking and then come up with the best solution – it takes him much time to bring it into action.

When approaching toward the woman he likes, Taurus will make sure she can trust and rely on him. Feel free to tell him anything, as he is able to come up with thorough advice helping you fix things or solve your issues effectively.

Consider yourself lucky if having a Taurus in your life, girls! If he gives his time working through your problems, this means he really cares about you.

Not yet, he can be super helpful!

Leave all to him, from washing dishes, mowing the lawn to shoveling snow…the Taurus male will do everything for you.

While other guys would run away if they have to do those chores, Taurus slowly does all of them. Isn’t it too obvious? In order to attract someone, he will start with lending her his helping hand in here and there.

He believes this is a good way to leave an unforgettable impression.

Sign #5: He’ll shower you with gifts

Taurus man showers you with thoughtful gifts

When a Taurus man really likes you, get ready to be showered in a variety of thoughtful gifts from him; some can be big and expensive, while some are small yet practical. But, what makes each gift special is – he puts much consideration and thinks of your likes and needs a lot.

In general, this man is a master in choosing gifts as he gives his heart in the process.

If there’s a Taurean guy frequently shows up with gifts in front of you, there is a very high chance he is making a move on you. He will send flowers to your office, deliver mysterious presents to your home, and more – all are tokens of his affection.

Truly a romantic at heart, he loves to give gifts to the person he has feelings for, so this is a sure sign that you are chased by a Taurus man.

Much greatly, he is one of the few boyfriends who won’t mind going shopping with his mate. How many other men do you know who will be willing to go with you to girlie shops? Up to this point and you still question if he likes you, how could you? He does not have time to do all these things if he has no interest in you.

Sign #6: He can be a bit jealous and possessive

Taurus man gets jealous in love relationships

Feel curious how a Taurus man will react if seeing you interact with other guys? If he seems a bit irritated because the person you’re paying attention is not him, 100% that he is into you.

The Taurus male in love will be jealous and possessive over you.

Even if you two are not in an official relationship, this guy can’t help but expressing his jealousy whenever sensing that someone else is trying to approach you; this could ruin his chance of winning your heart.

So, what Taurus man possessive signs do you need to know?

For those who are planning to date a Taurus, keep in mind that he is inherently jealous as well as possessive. He will, in love romance, worry over little things like as if you’ve eaten, or who you just hanged out with. Well, it doesn’t mean that he has no trust in you…it’s rather one of his ways asserting his love for you.

If you enjoy your man being possessive, then get ready to answer a lot of his questions about your past activities within one day. For some women, this quality of a Taurus can be a big turnoff. However, again, do not think this is a way that he uses to control you.

Influenced by Scorpio’s polarity, all of his jealous and possessive tendencies show up strongly at the moments that he feels insecure.

Does your Taurus buddy act jealous after hearing about your newest date with another man? You know, he is thinking about you more than just a friend!


Being with a Taurus in a relationship is more than an experience – he makes such a sweet and kind boyfriend. Most importantly, he will always come up with different ways or events to please you.


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