How To Make A Taurus Man Chase You (BEST Tips to His Heart)

Instead of you chasing him, how to make a Taurus man chase you?

These are many reasons why many women prefer having a Taurus partner in life.

This guy can be attentive and loving if he feels safe and secure.

With other men, making them jealous or pretending you don’t really care at all, and they will obsess with you. However, this way will NOT work with a Taurus man. He is the type that’s prone to insecurity. His dark side will show if he feel unappreciated or threatened.

Unless you want an enemy for life, treat your bull man like the fragile, sensitive soul that he is. Today is your lucky day if you have come across this article.

Get to know Taurus man in love act and you’ll know how to handle him better.

Let’s find out!

Easy Tips to Make Taurus Man Chase You

getting tips to win the heart of a taurus
Normally, the Taurus male is very earthy and place great value on his materialistic possessions. On the other hand, he can also be extremely generous and warm-hearted. He is typically very intelligent. No matter what he does, including relationships, he put a great deal of effort into making it successful.

Is it easy to make a Taurus man chase you?

Flirting is important when it comes to capturing the Bull’s heart.

Flirting tells a man that you want him.

There are many ways that you can do it, and it should be subtle. For example, some women wear sexy clothes with alluring fragrances, while others seem to be extremely touchy with the person they like.

1. Make it clear that you like him

So that he feels safe making a move.

At the start of a relationship, he may hide his feelings but it doesn’t mean that he has no interest in you. He needs time to observe a prospective partner. Then, he examines all the evidence you present to him to see the potential of a romance to become a stable relationship.

2. Be honest

When attracting a Taurus man, never show signs of being unavailable or unfaithful at or you may lose him completely. He may seem to lack interest. However, he is probably watching you quite closely for any sign that will set him off or break his heart. He needs to feel comfortable and secure before making his move.

Is it easy to see signs Taurus man falling in love?

3. Taurus hates to be rushed

Since your Bull is looking for soulmate, you need to be extremely patient while he makes up his mind. So be ladylike and wait for him to make his bullish, romantic move, especially if you are right for him.

More importantly, he needs clear signals that you want him and no one else. Talking about your exes is a big mistake if you want to keep him forever. He can be a masterful passive-aggressive manipulator who will go so far as to spy on you.

Type of Woman That Taurus Man Likes

Types of Women Taurus Men Like

You just know that your boyfriend’s sun sign is Taurus, and it is usual to curious about the Bull’s ideal type.

So, which type of woman can attract Taurus men?

The guy born under the Taurus zodiac sign prefers ladies who are easy-going, earthy and sensuous, and have the “traditional sense of a woman,” not too independent or energetic. To some degree, what mentioned here also applies if your man has the Moon and Venus in Taurus.

Like most males, Taurus man appreciates beauty. In most cases, the type of woman who attracts him is cute, cuddly, calm and comfortable.

Also, physical sensations are important to the bull, so he wants their woman to constantly show affection with caresses and kisses as well as to enjoy sharing physical pleasures with them. This earthy man feels close to Mother Nature; thus, he possibly expects a woman who can share a love of the outdoors and animals.

He is easily drawn into organized and level-headed girls, and dishonest ones are NOT attractive to them.

Find out if Taurus man likes you or just wants to be friend!

Who Can Attract Taurus Man?

In a relationship, he enjoys taking the lead and you would be welcomed if you are able to offer support of this quality. Very emotional yet not expressing it well, he appreciates the confident, sensitive woman who can bring out their inner feelings.

Gaining the affection of a Taurus man is considered a challenge. Therefore, it’d be an advantage to know types of women that attract Taurus men and qualities Taurus men find captivated in women:


Giving an upgrade to your appearance is important as he adores everything that is feminine about you. Also, he’ll be spellbound if you effortlessly express your inner beauty.


Loyalty, fidelity and faithfulness are things that he needs in a partner. Even if you are faithful to him, he needs to feel secured, as his ego is fragile and when he feels threatened he can be your worst nightmare. Lots of affection and gestures of love will keep him happy.


He is known for his affectionate physicality and sensual enjoyment. It’s obviously that he needs a partner who enjoys sex as much as he does and isn’t shy when it comes to exploring physical landscapes.

What a Taurus Man Like in His Woman?

Ruled by Venus, no wonder your man is attracted to elegance and the finer things in life.

When it comes to his ideal woman, he is equally comfortable with talkative and energetic types as they are with flexible, easy-going partners. He enjoys the sanctuary of home and wants home-cooked meals. So if you can feed him fine home-cooked meals and love them unconditionally, you are off to a very good start.

Furthermore, a calm and thoughtful lover is what Taurus man also looks for. Especially if you can be patient and let him take the lead on important issues.

Generally, types of women that Taurus men like have to be feminine, confident and patient, practical, loyal and honest, as well as take good care of their appearance. Manipulative, passive-aggressive, or capricious women are not these guys’ option.

Make a Taurus Man to Get Jealous to Chase You

Who Can Attract Taurus Men

Is it possible?

Ruled by Venus planet and the Earth, he’s considered as an observant, composed, and quiet person by nature. In most aspects of life, he initially always shows a certain sense of restraint.

Is this a good option to attract your bull’s attention?

We all feel that, all along, only women would jealous; in fact, men actually are jealous too, but they have different ways to show it, to avoid people seeing through. Individuals of Taurus zodiac sign are materialistic and can make others wonder whether or not the male Taurus is envious.

Controlled by a negative sign, your man may be introverted by nature.

He’s the master of hiding his inner thoughts and emotions. When it comes to achieving an objective, Taurus man does become possessive. Seeking pleasure for himself as well as for his family has been a part of the materialistic guy’s nature.

When it comes to love romance, Taurus man possesses a tough heart and a cold look; he is described as a down-to-earth, quiet, and uncommunicative creature. Capturing his love is not as easy as you think because he approaches to love very slowly. It takes both your time and your effort to win over a Taurian, but everything will turn out awesomely.

How to Tell If He is Jealous?

This guy has two kinds of performances: the first type would be in a towering rage and can lift table directly if he has no good temper; and, the other type would not be too passionate crazily, he possibly suspects the other as well as their problems.

He could not understand why his lover would accept a friendship with another man and may break up with the partner directly.

In general, regardless of what kind of performance, a male Taurian is very crazy when feeling angry and envious.

How to Make Him Jealous?

Dress pretty beautifully (actually provocatively), walk by before him and not even a single look at him, and talk to someone else he knows. If he is with a friend, make a return. Do not look at your target; instead, go and talk to his buddy.

At the end, simply give him a mysterious expression and leave.

This man is not easy to fall in love; thus, if he has feelings for you, he will give everything for you but, in return, expect you to be his only property. He will never display his jealousy outwardly; yet, deep down inside, his blood is boiling terribly.

Having a bull partner by your side, you should not behave intimately towards other guys (hugging, making sentimentally eye contact, etc.); otherwise, don’t be surprised if seeing your mate to fly into a rage.

Jealousy seems to be an interesting ingredient for any relationship.

Nevertheless, we recommend you not to try making a Taurus male envious. Avoid making intimate gestures with other men, or your crush will definitely gain a bad impression about you.

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In Conclusion

Will Taurus man love to chase?

Yes, but you have to be subtle about it. The male Taurus believes that men should be the one to do asking out initially. He is often rather a shy sign.

So, any woman wishing to date a Taurus will have to make it obvious that she likes him.

Once you get a Taurus man to chase you, then continually keeping in touch, showing how much you care and how much you want to be with him. Note that the Bull does have moments where they feel insecure and afraid of rejection.

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